Permanent Devotion


Step out of your comfort zone. Go for a walk – actually, go for many walks. Tread lightly but tread well. Follow your heart and let your body take over. Wander my dear. Wander until the answers come to you. Surround yourself with mountains – peaks that inspire you. Create stimulating conversations – not shallow ones. Question always. Fall into your curiosity. Let the wind blow you around. What does your soul desire? Gain awareness and you will gain the world. Go hiking alone. Really observe nature and become it. Travel forever and always. Migration is in our blood – settling does not yield growth. Discover what places make you feel alive – habitat there until you have learned your lessons. Reflect but always remember to be present. Live here – live for the now. Instead of planning your week around what you have to do – plan it around what you want to do. Take risks and fully believe in their possibilities. Equally practice feminism and masculinity. Our society is run off of schedules, times, and routines. Break from those constraints and create YOUR life. Logic helps you survive but intuition makes you thrive. You only get one shot – better make it damn worth it. Let your emotions overcome you – don’t hold them in – that is unnecessary tension held within you. Be spontaneous. Create your days so you wake up with opportunities, not obligations. You are the artist of your life – have faith in the process and you will compose a masterpiece. May your intentions be wild, individual, and calculated. Care for the Earth and be conscious of your footprint. Take steps to improve your impact – actions speak where words cannot – your example can spread light to the world. Fully devote yourself to your vision – never compromise your values. Identify your passions and live them. Evolve into your person you were always meant to be. Your never going to determine your happy ending if you don’t start your story now.

Side notes:

– Devotion: profound dedication; loyalty. (live it)
– Good ole Bozeman MT. Returning to this place puts my heart at ease. This lifestyle is an absolute representation of how I strive to lead mine. The outdoors and physical activity takes precedence – work and everything else comes second. Healthy living and eating comes natural. Respecting the land and the Earth is a topic of conversation. Poofies everywhere! Dogs are members of society. I could talk on and on. But through all the good, the bad, the warm, the cold, the miserable, the heartbreaking, and the beautiful experiences here – I hold these memories dear to my soul. All the lessons shed here has created a more humble, loving, active, and creative human being. All this growth has resulted into a better version of me!
– Gratitude is expressed toward Bozeman Tattoo Alley for letting me walk in and get my tattoo done on the spot. This symbol, my brand name – Elevation: Rising (hence ER) has diverse meaning to me. Now since my vision is fully visible, it provides me abundant amount of motivation to always be working toward my goals. My passion of inspiring others to live a vibrant, happy, active, healthy life is the real deal. We should always have our Elevation: Rising for life is meant to be elevated, not in the opposite direction. Devote to your reason of existence and I promise you that your days will be filled with purpose and joy. Find your gift and share it – the world is waiting to hear your story.

9/20/2018 – 11:51 am – Zocalo Coffee House – Bozeman MT

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