*•Baby, it’s cold outside•*


Become aware of winter’s appearance. Hibernate. Listen to the silence. Feel the frost tingle your skin. Notice your breath – be thankful for each and every one. Know that sometimes in your life you have to reset. Go back to your roots. Search deep for your origins. That might not be who you are today but remember that is what created you. The innocence of your childhood is still ruining through your blood. Where did it go? Go run in the woods – scream at the top of your lungs. Try and become what you were before the world told you who you were supposed to be. If you grew up in the city – then walk under those lights that always set your heart on fire. What were your inspirations? Revisit them. Cherish the path(s) you took and the ones you still have the opportunity to take. Life is a gamble but there doesn’t have to be consequences – just lessons and happiness. Learn every thing you can my dear – for life is meant to be rich, wild, and thrilling. Everyone has their own vision of a cozy life – lets stop taking those things for granted. Embrace the uncomfortable. Travel – move – change your routine – walk a different trail. For adaptation is an important skill. Just please, [I beg you] enjoy the process. Savor your defeats and celebrate your accomplishments. I will always and forever believe that positivity is a blessing. Negativity on the other hand – a curse. Lets build confidence in this world – not tear it down. Your outlook is completely and utterly dependent on your mindset. Your reality is not solely sight – but what you feel within your soul. The world is a cold place – but the choice is yours to become frozen or to stay in motion. You are strong and courageous – absolutely believe in your character. So let your eyes tell of your intensity and keep the world guessing what stories lies beneath your bones.

12/19/2018 – 9:29 am – Dunn Bros Coffee – Duluth

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