Desert Dweller


… For I am a desert dweller, striving nomadic that loves to get my hands messy in everything. I usually have wild hair and wild ideas. I am absolutely obsessed with breakfast and climbing. I struggle with consistency and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I run when the going gets tough and truthfully, I get burnt by it. But every time I put a smile on my face, life just gets a little sweeter. Call me a classic minimalist and laughter will follow. I may not have any attachment to things – but it’s the people that make this world go round. I hope we start believing in humanity – then maybe our world can be a little brighter. I hope you learn where to invest your energy. The correct energy can move mountains and carve out rivers of inspiration. Folks, keep your elevation rising in wellness, for joy is waiting. Be humble, go do rad things, and keep parts of your story to yourself. Let people breed curiosity of your happy ending. For you will find out that each ending is just a new beginning.

Aren’t we all just trying to figure it out? Trying to fight for our individuality – proof of our existence. Always seek out a new adventure – seize every opportunity. Instead of calling our past our mistakes – lets call it growing and learning. When was the last time you learned something new? Overcame an obstacle? Pushed a new limit? Took a risk? For honey, I wish you take many leaps. Leaps into the unknown and relish in this world we live in. But the real question is – when is the last time you sat in silence? Away from all influences? Just you and your mind all wrapped deep into your thoughts. Remember that our reality is constructed by the way we THINK about the world. Believe there is sunshine behind the clouds, and my dear it will appear. The universe can bring you light in various forms – not just recognized by sight. Our life cannot simply be led by vision – we are the creator of the vision. Yes you, are a creator! We are all artists – so with this knowledge let’s build a masterpiece. Instead of putting up walls lets break them down. Instead of ignoring your pain lets confront it. Allow acceptance to sit at your table. Hell, let acceptance eat from your plate. Because you deserve a fucking platter of amazing life experiences. Without confronting your past how are you supposed to live in the present? We need to change the way we speak about mistakes – we are all just living life and learning. Learning shouldn’t be the process of failing to succeed – it should be the process of fucking growing into the person you were meant to be. Success needs an updated definition. Humans tend to define success through inanimate objects – money, things, jobs, and fake realities. Success should be defined as: the result of taking care of yourself and respecting the world around us (w/o it we wouldn’t be here). Once you find your gift within this realm, lets spread it. It feels better to give then receive. Spread your success through your happiness and your luminosity. The energy you hold onto will provide you with humans attracted to the seeds you grow. So start paying attention to your environment because you are the landscaper. So lets trim of the branches that are killing your spirit. Let’s water the ideas that you have dried up. The most powerful message I could share with you is: you are the ONLY person holding yourself back from happiness. Stop blaming others for your problems. Stop blaming the world for your problems. So please run free with this realization. Seek out the wind and get blown around. Do stuff that doesn’t make sense. Stop controlling your path – let it reveal itself – it’s much more exciting this way. Planning and obligations can get stressful. Accept that change is the only constant. Love it – play around with it. Believe in the concept that every day you have the possibility to grow your intelligence through experiences. Meeting someone new and learning their perspective. Going to a new coffee shop on the other side of town. Trying something that terrifies you. Dig deep into your fears and get real comfy with them. Get dirty – get scrapped up a little. I promise, scars (either visible or not), are a beautiful map of your lessons. Instead of using technology to guide us in directions let’s start using our own personal GPS: our intuition. What route does your heart want to travel down? What rest stop does your body want to visit to refuel? But the catch is – we don’t always have to be moving to gain experience; to gain insights. Staying still can sometimes be the best thing for your soul. Reflection is key to move forward. For each sunrise is equally balanced with a sunset – learn from the movements of the natural world. Find balance in your life and strive for it. Seek out your truth, be dangerous, live a
little. The best time to start your new beginning is right here, right now! …

3/16/2019 – 12:31 pm – On a porch somewhere in Phoenix, AZ

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