Lesson No. 2


[ Make a plan. Don’t always dive. ]

Most of my life, I have completely thrown myself in everything I pursue. No looking back – whole body, mind, spirit. No training, just belief.

This lifestyle has given me amazing experiences with amazing people. I’ve tried many things, seen many places, and gained various perspectives.

I’m reaching a point in my life where a plan actually sounds lovely. Taking time to construct a rough draft, putting in the effort consistently. To become more experienced and professional in my pursuits – a great goal. Making training plans.

So with my new assignment of writing a lesson for the day, every day: I’m starting by doing it for 34 consecutive days. No excuses, no rest days. Why 34? Well it’s a special number to me: I see it EVERYWHERE – for the past two years!

Accomplishing a task every day for 34 days sure is a great way to develop new habits and kick the old ones. You can also practice this with your mentality. Become aware of your thoughts and how it affects your reality. Rewrite them if they are not conducive to growth and well-being.

With my experience, this is the perfect length of time as long as you stay motivated and dedicated. Along with writing, I will also be running every day for 34 days – got to train for the Ridge Run! Some long, some tough, some short, and some easy runs – just as long as I stay with the program.

So I’m making a plan and sticking to it! I am wildly excited. I was overwhelmed with excitement I dove into Hyalite Reservoir (elevation: 6,700′) after my run today. Pursuit started in the rain and ended with hail – I praise the storms. Proof that nature’s power is stronger and wiser than any human.

Become in touch with nature – it has all the secrets of life. Go out and live! Dive into freezing water to feel alive: always. But remember to plan out the rest of the stuff. If you have a wild idea – take action. If you never go out and try – you’ll never know the outcome. Believe in yourself – the rest will follow.

[[ watch the full video – check out my instagram: @elevation.rising ]]

5/24/2019 – Community Co-op – BZN

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