Lesson No. 3


[ Why so serious? Choose humor. ]

Plumber’s Crack (V0) – a crack you’ll enjoy time after time scooting your way up.

The humor in climbing is endless. Route names – priceless. Sometimes you just climb it for the name – to see what the adventure is all about – kind of like Unimpeachable Groping (10b).

Life is much more enjoyable on the lighter side. Thank you to the climbing community for showing me this concept. We all work hard while playing hard. Life’s too short not to climb up a wall called the Panty Wall.

[Examples include]:
-Super Trooper Lookin’ at My Pooper (V7) – watched a friend work through       snow/wind/rain.
-Tribal War (11b) – shaking in my boots wanting to cry before this lead.
-Sparerib (5.8) – my first multi-pitch outside. No headlamps.
-Epinephrine (5.9) – it kicks everyone’s ass. No explanation necessary.
-Risky Business – (10c) – crazy start from an island, crazy time rapping off through a   storm.
-Driving in Duluth (11a/b) – a bat flew out of the crack and hissed in my face.
-Frigid Air Buttress (5.9+) – giddy thinking about that crack on the last pitch.
-Oz (12b) – never been so humbled being thrown off dozens of times.

And I could go on with stories.

The point is: life can be heavy but the weight is your choice. Rid of the things and influences that cause the burdens in your life. All those examples include some kind of misfortune or an obstacle that had be overcome. But it didn’t stop me from gaining memorable moments while sharing it with amazing people.

Seek out the humor in everything. Laugh about the good and the bad. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Get outside and go play. Stop worrying about tomorrow or yesterday – live for today, live for right now. Rising your elevation through happiness and health is a great way to start your climb.

5/25/2019 – Bozeman, MT

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