Lesson No. 5


[ Embrace the rain. ]

Play in the rain my dear. Perpetually soak in new experiences. Every drop may present a fresh opportunity.

Just like the planet, you too can cleanse yourself and restart. The ideas you water will grow – choose wisely.

Learn that you can re-invent your life – at any time. Habitual behavior that is not yielding growth – flipping change them. You get this one chance to live – why not start today?

Intentionally get caught in a storm. Realize how small you truly are. Understand that you might only be a raindrop to this world – but you can cause a ripple effect. Align your values – act upon them. Your actions speak way louder than words.

Reflect and shape into your reflection. Absorb everything you possibly can. Your intentions absolutely matter. Become the change you wish to see in the world. Your impact does make a difference.

Every drop serves a purpose. Find your meaning in life and chase after it – just like the rain chases a storm.


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