Lesson No. 8


[ Stay grounded. ]

The Earth has an electrical current – connect to it. Recharge your core. Your soul deserves healing. The damage physically, mentally, and spiritually accumulates.

Center yourself on this planet – trust your path. The direction your pointed in is where your wheels will travel. Become aligned and you’ll ride with ease.

Stand tall, and stand wise. Allow yourself to absorb the ground. Be ready for action – we were born with feet not roots. We are meant to grow but not upward –  inward.

Sometimes life is an uphill battle – but know the work is well worth the effort. Feel the trail – become one with the ground. Once you achieve this awareness – my dear I hope you leap. Jump into the unknown. But remember to pull your energy downwards – for the Earth has knowledge and power far beyond man.

Rattlesnake Recreational Area – Missoula, MT – 5/28/2019

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