Lesson No. 9


[ Be vulnerable. ]

Expose yourself to the elements. The mountains don’t seek out shelter during the storm. Being blown around is good for you – teaches you to stand your ground – establish your core.

Allow emotions to pour over you like the clouds pour over the peaks. We all have darkness – confront it.

We tend to relate vulnerability to weakness but truly it amounts to strength – strength to accept your shortcomings/happenings and keep living.

If your struggling in any part of your wellness journey – understand that the calm is coming – endure.

Even if it breaks your heart – believe in your storm – your wild fire. Choosing harsh climates creates a more humble being.

When the weather breaks – use all your senses to enjoy the view. Be vulnerable to the beauty of the natural world – let it take your breath away for you to realize it’s presence. Be grateful for the hardships in your life – it yields for a deeper, rugged, and resilient soul.

Praise the storms for their power – power to bring you to your knees so you learn how to stand up – every time.

Hyalite Reservoir – 5/19/2019

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