Lesson No. 13


[ Fall like the rain. ]

My instincts have been screaming – haven’t been able to comprehend the tone. My mind racing, trying to find the next exit: the next escape.

My body is here, but my soul was wandering in the woods. Needed to seek out silence from this noisy world.

My senses come alive when I realize the potential in each drop falling from the sky. Every plant, every being, reaching out for the precious resource.

Honey, I hope you fall like the rain. Every drop is life-giving – learn from this. You might be one small being in this universe but your ripple effect has more power than you perceive.

Your actions, your intentions, your kindness could make the difference. Learn to fall with grace and bounce back with resilience. Once you find your footing – run. Run with the knowledge that you have the ability to overcome any challenge laid out for you.

Don’t let the gloominess cloud your vision – invert and work on your own darkness. There are reasons for the seasons – listen to them. Once your doubts and fears have fallen, stand up with exuberance for this life we are so lucky to live.

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