Lesson No. 5


[ Embrace the rain. ]

Play in the rain my dear. Perpetually soak in new experiences. Every drop may present a fresh opportunity.

Just like the planet, you too can cleanse yourself and restart. The ideas you water will grow – choose wisely.

Learn that you can re-invent your life – at any time. Habitual behavior that is not yielding growth – flipping change them. You get this one chance to live – why not start today?

Intentionally get caught in a storm. Realize how small you truly are. Understand that you might only be a raindrop to this world – but you can cause a ripple effect. Align your values – act upon them. Your actions speak way louder than words.

Reflect and shape into your reflection. Absorb everything you possibly can. Your intentions absolutely matter. Become the change you wish to see in the world. Your impact does make a difference.

Every drop serves a purpose. Find your meaning in life and chase after it – just like the rain chases a storm.


Lesson No. 4:


[ Enjoy the ride. ]

Isn’t life just this big ole cruise? We have ups – we have downs. There is times that we get lost and times we travel the path with expertise.

But honey, I hope you stand your ground. Know what inspires you to keep riding and what stops you in your tracks. Don’t follow the well-beaten trail – be aware you are capable of blazing your own.

Pedal wisely and hold on to those handlebars tight – trust the ride. Move with the flow. Wisdom may only be gained through experience. Fully immerse yourself into the unknown.

Allowing doubts to fill your head removes you from the present. Stop it. We are meant to live for right here, right now. Remember: it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

What did you learn? What moments intoxicated you? Relish within those memories and keep on riding. The adventure only starts by stepping on those pedals. Your capability lies within your mindset – you project your reality.

Fucking believe in yourself and practice confidence. Stop apologizing for your existence. We all have gifts – lets share em. The energy you give is the energy you receive. Get out there and surround yourself with rad people.

Enrich yourself with inspiration and live through your motivation. Strive for humility and life just gets a little sweeter. Understand that each turn presents a new opportunity. Your direction is not solidified – turn your wheels around if your not pursuing your dreams.

Sedona, AZ – 3/21/2019

Lesson No. 3


[ Why so serious? Choose humor. ]

Plumber’s Crack (V0) – a crack you’ll enjoy time after time scooting your way up.

The humor in climbing is endless. Route names – priceless. Sometimes you just climb it for the name – to see what the adventure is all about – kind of like Unimpeachable Groping (10b).

Life is much more enjoyable on the lighter side. Thank you to the climbing community for showing me this concept. We all work hard while playing hard. Life’s too short not to climb up a wall called the Panty Wall.

[Examples include]:
-Super Trooper Lookin’ at My Pooper (V7) – watched a friend work through       snow/wind/rain.
-Tribal War (11b) – shaking in my boots wanting to cry before this lead.
-Sparerib (5.8) – my first multi-pitch outside. No headlamps.
-Epinephrine (5.9) – it kicks everyone’s ass. No explanation necessary.
-Risky Business – (10c) – crazy start from an island, crazy time rapping off through a   storm.
-Driving in Duluth (11a/b) – a bat flew out of the crack and hissed in my face.
-Frigid Air Buttress (5.9+) – giddy thinking about that crack on the last pitch.
-Oz (12b) – never been so humbled being thrown off dozens of times.

And I could go on with stories.

The point is: life can be heavy but the weight is your choice. Rid of the things and influences that cause the burdens in your life. All those examples include some kind of misfortune or an obstacle that had be overcome. But it didn’t stop me from gaining memorable moments while sharing it with amazing people.

Seek out the humor in everything. Laugh about the good and the bad. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Get outside and go play. Stop worrying about tomorrow or yesterday – live for today, live for right now. Rising your elevation through happiness and health is a great way to start your climb.

5/25/2019 – Bozeman, MT

Lesson No. 2


[ Make a plan. Don’t always dive. ]

Most of my life, I have completely thrown myself in everything I pursue. No looking back – whole body, mind, spirit. No training, just belief.

This lifestyle has given me amazing experiences with amazing people. I’ve tried many things, seen many places, and gained various perspectives.

I’m reaching a point in my life where a plan actually sounds lovely. Taking time to construct a rough draft, putting in the effort consistently. To become more experienced and professional in my pursuits – a great goal. Making training plans.

So with my new assignment of writing a lesson for the day, every day: I’m starting by doing it for 34 consecutive days. No excuses, no rest days. Why 34? Well it’s a special number to me: I see it EVERYWHERE – for the past two years!

Accomplishing a task every day for 34 days sure is a great way to develop new habits and kick the old ones. You can also practice this with your mentality. Become aware of your thoughts and how it affects your reality. Rewrite them if they are not conducive to growth and well-being.

With my experience, this is the perfect length of time as long as you stay motivated and dedicated. Along with writing, I will also be running every day for 34 days – got to train for the Ridge Run! Some long, some tough, some short, and some easy runs – just as long as I stay with the program.

So I’m making a plan and sticking to it! I am wildly excited. I was overwhelmed with excitement I dove into Hyalite Reservoir (elevation: 6,700′) after my run today. Pursuit started in the rain and ended with hail – I praise the storms. Proof that nature’s power is stronger and wiser than any human.

Become in touch with nature – it has all the secrets of life. Go out and live! Dive into freezing water to feel alive: always. But remember to plan out the rest of the stuff. If you have a wild idea – take action. If you never go out and try – you’ll never know the outcome. Believe in yourself – the rest will follow.

[[ watch the full video – check out my instagram: @elevation.rising ]]

5/24/2019 – Community Co-op – BZN

Lesson No. 1


[ Learn every day. Teach your lessons. ]

Today marks a new chapter in my life. Going out and doing. I just needed a friend’s dog to chew up my journal (and my underwear) to remind me of the path I want to pursue. Shit happens, laugh at the oddity of life and move on. Stay light, travel light, and spread your light.

Driven by spreading ideas and expanding people’s minds – I try to view life through a different lens. I’ve found that photography and writing has meshed together in my plan of sharing the lessons I learn along this adventure we call life.

Always running at 100 miles an hour in the fast lane has helped me gain vast experiences but the time for reflection is now. I’ve been trying to stay consistent with my writing; trying to write a lesson of the day: every day. Some silly, some complex, some strange: I find peace in always reshaping my perspective, always reforming my vision.

We have this opportunity to go out and live the best life – what excuse is holding you back? Our species has this amazing capacity of growth – what is stifling your evolution? Rewrite the scripts that are stopping you from keeping your elevation rising under all the dimensions of wellness.

I hope you become familiar that the light cannot be present without darkness. Yin and yang, movement and stillness, life and death. Always be the student, but strive to be the teacher.

I’ve been aspiring to become a writer so here I go on a new (first) assignment: I hope to share a lesson of the day for a week or two (maybe more?). Willing to practice accountability and consistency. My experiences many, I’m attempting to help everyone view life differently so they can live a healthier, happier life without having to go through trial and error like muah!

Journal, write down your thoughts and happenings. Soon you’ll discover your innate power of intellect and self-care. Learn something new every day. Become an expert in your field of experience. Then share your gift – the world is waiting. Get outside, move, get real uncomfortable.

As for me – going commando is great – you get to feel the wind between your legs to remind you of this wild life we get to live. Seek out experiences, not things. Reflect. Learn and teach. Your elevation can only be rising if you choose to believe in yourself.

5/23/2019 – Sola Cafe and Market – Bozeman, MT

Desert Dweller


… For I am a desert dweller, striving nomadic that loves to get my hands messy in everything. I usually have wild hair and wild ideas. I am absolutely obsessed with breakfast and climbing. I struggle with consistency and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I run when the going gets tough and truthfully, I get burnt by it. But every time I put a smile on my face, life just gets a little sweeter. Call me a classic minimalist and laughter will follow. I may not have any attachment to things – but it’s the people that make this world go round. I hope we start believing in humanity – then maybe our world can be a little brighter. I hope you learn where to invest your energy. The correct energy can move mountains and carve out rivers of inspiration. Folks, keep your elevation rising in wellness, for joy is waiting. Be humble, go do rad things, and keep parts of your story to yourself. Let people breed curiosity of your happy ending. For you will find out that each ending is just a new beginning.

Aren’t we all just trying to figure it out? Trying to fight for our individuality – proof of our existence. Always seek out a new adventure – seize every opportunity. Instead of calling our past our mistakes – lets call it growing and learning. When was the last time you learned something new? Overcame an obstacle? Pushed a new limit? Took a risk? For honey, I wish you take many leaps. Leaps into the unknown and relish in this world we live in. But the real question is – when is the last time you sat in silence? Away from all influences? Just you and your mind all wrapped deep into your thoughts. Remember that our reality is constructed by the way we THINK about the world. Believe there is sunshine behind the clouds, and my dear it will appear. The universe can bring you light in various forms – not just recognized by sight. Our life cannot simply be led by vision – we are the creator of the vision. Yes you, are a creator! We are all artists – so with this knowledge let’s build a masterpiece. Instead of putting up walls lets break them down. Instead of ignoring your pain lets confront it. Allow acceptance to sit at your table. Hell, let acceptance eat from your plate. Because you deserve a fucking platter of amazing life experiences. Without confronting your past how are you supposed to live in the present? We need to change the way we speak about mistakes – we are all just living life and learning. Learning shouldn’t be the process of failing to succeed – it should be the process of fucking growing into the person you were meant to be. Success needs an updated definition. Humans tend to define success through inanimate objects – money, things, jobs, and fake realities. Success should be defined as: the result of taking care of yourself and respecting the world around us (w/o it we wouldn’t be here). Once you find your gift within this realm, lets spread it. It feels better to give then receive. Spread your success through your happiness and your luminosity. The energy you hold onto will provide you with humans attracted to the seeds you grow. So start paying attention to your environment because you are the landscaper. So lets trim of the branches that are killing your spirit. Let’s water the ideas that you have dried up. The most powerful message I could share with you is: you are the ONLY person holding yourself back from happiness. Stop blaming others for your problems. Stop blaming the world for your problems. So please run free with this realization. Seek out the wind and get blown around. Do stuff that doesn’t make sense. Stop controlling your path – let it reveal itself – it’s much more exciting this way. Planning and obligations can get stressful. Accept that change is the only constant. Love it – play around with it. Believe in the concept that every day you have the possibility to grow your intelligence through experiences. Meeting someone new and learning their perspective. Going to a new coffee shop on the other side of town. Trying something that terrifies you. Dig deep into your fears and get real comfy with them. Get dirty – get scrapped up a little. I promise, scars (either visible or not), are a beautiful map of your lessons. Instead of using technology to guide us in directions let’s start using our own personal GPS: our intuition. What route does your heart want to travel down? What rest stop does your body want to visit to refuel? But the catch is – we don’t always have to be moving to gain experience; to gain insights. Staying still can sometimes be the best thing for your soul. Reflection is key to move forward. For each sunrise is equally balanced with a sunset – learn from the movements of the natural world. Find balance in your life and strive for it. Seek out your truth, be dangerous, live a
little. The best time to start your new beginning is right here, right now! …

3/16/2019 – 12:31 pm – On a porch somewhere in Phoenix, AZ

*•Baby, it’s cold outside•*


Become aware of winter’s appearance. Hibernate. Listen to the silence. Feel the frost tingle your skin. Notice your breath – be thankful for each and every one. Know that sometimes in your life you have to reset. Go back to your roots. Search deep for your origins. That might not be who you are today but remember that is what created you. The innocence of your childhood is still ruining through your blood. Where did it go? Go run in the woods – scream at the top of your lungs. Try and become what you were before the world told you who you were supposed to be. If you grew up in the city – then walk under those lights that always set your heart on fire. What were your inspirations? Revisit them. Cherish the path(s) you took and the ones you still have the opportunity to take. Life is a gamble but there doesn’t have to be consequences – just lessons and happiness. Learn every thing you can my dear – for life is meant to be rich, wild, and thrilling. Everyone has their own vision of a cozy life – lets stop taking those things for granted. Embrace the uncomfortable. Travel – move – change your routine – walk a different trail. For adaptation is an important skill. Just please, [I beg you] enjoy the process. Savor your defeats and celebrate your accomplishments. I will always and forever believe that positivity is a blessing. Negativity on the other hand – a curse. Lets build confidence in this world – not tear it down. Your outlook is completely and utterly dependent on your mindset. Your reality is not solely sight – but what you feel within your soul. The world is a cold place – but the choice is yours to become frozen or to stay in motion. You are strong and courageous – absolutely believe in your character. So let your eyes tell of your intensity and keep the world guessing what stories lies beneath your bones.

12/19/2018 – 9:29 am – Dunn Bros Coffee – Duluth

Light It Up


Be courageous. Endure. Mast lasting impressions. Surprise people of your strength but remember to surprise yourself. Choose wisely – shape into your destiny. Don’t become what happened to you. Be aware of your reactions and improve them. Discover your devotions and stay true to them. Search for your hidden talents and nurture them – you never know what you are capable of. Learn to go with the flow – the act of adaptation is crucial. Release the tension in your life – your body doesn’t need that shit. Walk away when necessary – return with vitality. Be confident with your existence. Don’t squander time – life is short – optimize your experience. Live for  the extreme – I promise you won’t regret it. Fully immerse yourself in EVERYTHING you do. If you are incapable then you need to rethink your path. If your not happy at least half of the day then change your fucking life. You create your joy – pick the fitting environment. Surround yourself with motivating people. Be inspired but become the inspiration. Life is not about things and financial gain – it’s about wholeness and discovery. Strive for humbleness. Learn to appreciate everything. Go do rad things. Become the reason why modern society starts to question the system. Break away from deadlines and obligations – stress resides here. Gain body consciousness and start taking care of your self. Healing is necessary, always. Take those lessons and seek knowledge. Intelligence and deep conversations are stimulating. Go climb a fucking mountain – literally and figuratively. Your elevation should always be rising. The decent should be your reflection and motivation for higher ground. Elevate your life and rise to the occasion. You only get one shot – better make it worth it. Strive to be the elite. Hard work and dedication is absolutely rewarding. Don’t let anyone or anything compromise your goals – you are meant for pure brilliance. Take every risk possible – you either reveal your limits or crush them. Believe in passions and live them – mentality is everything. Dreams are intended for people that pursue them. Play with your fears and your horizon will expand. Life is about the experience – not the image. There is a reason why experiment and experience are close in proximity in the dictionary. Respect the journey and get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Get your ass kicked – allow for humility to reside. Get knocked down again? Stand the fuck up – ground yourself but remember evolution has placed us upward. Be a tree and stand tall. Take the energy from the earth and fucking rock it. Don’t apologize for your cursing if its proof of your sincerity. But lastly – choose to love your journey and the people involved. Compassion and positive vibes are truly beautiful – practice it. Light up your world and you will realize that darkness is just the absence of light.

My side of the story:

So my whole existence is wrapped into hanging Christmas Lights at current moment. Hard work, long days, sketchy movement, and cold nights. But hell – when the sun retires for the day and your work reveals itself – fulfillment overcomes you. There is beauty in the effort but the real beauty is that I get to climb all day – up ladders, onto roofs, and in trees. Challenges and problem solving occur all day. Your body and mind are exhausted at the end of the day. But you know what? I would rather take on crazy work seasonally so I can devote seasons of the year for just play. We all grew up for no reason – the innocence of a child is precious. Don’t let society force you to conform to their standards – set your own. Be the light you want to see in the world – don’t let the darkness burn out your bulb. Your spirit is awfully important – always keep in check with it – your soul will thank you.

So to put a scale on this 3-story tall tree – this took about 5 hours to complete – 52 strands of lights – individually wrapped onto branches. 1 hour of prepping and 4 hours of climbing and ladder work. That means climbing out onto each branch and to where I could not reach – a lift was used. Holla.

Find purpose in your life and happiness is the result. Be stoked – always. Life gets weird sometimes but fucking love the process – crazy ideas can become reality if you believe in them. Thanks for the read y’all!

11/11/2018 – 5:43 pm – Denver CO (tree resides in Salt Lake City)

Permanent Devotion


Step out of your comfort zone. Go for a walk – actually, go for many walks. Tread lightly but tread well. Follow your heart and let your body take over. Wander my dear. Wander until the answers come to you. Surround yourself with mountains – peaks that inspire you. Create stimulating conversations – not shallow ones. Question always. Fall into your curiosity. Let the wind blow you around. What does your soul desire? Gain awareness and you will gain the world. Go hiking alone. Really observe nature and become it. Travel forever and always. Migration is in our blood – settling does not yield growth. Discover what places make you feel alive – habitat there until you have learned your lessons. Reflect but always remember to be present. Live here – live for the now. Instead of planning your week around what you have to do – plan it around what you want to do. Take risks and fully believe in their possibilities. Equally practice feminism and masculinity. Our society is run off of schedules, times, and routines. Break from those constraints and create YOUR life. Logic helps you survive but intuition makes you thrive. You only get one shot – better make it damn worth it. Let your emotions overcome you – don’t hold them in – that is unnecessary tension held within you. Be spontaneous. Create your days so you wake up with opportunities, not obligations. You are the artist of your life – have faith in the process and you will compose a masterpiece. May your intentions be wild, individual, and calculated. Care for the Earth and be conscious of your footprint. Take steps to improve your impact – actions speak where words cannot – your example can spread light to the world. Fully devote yourself to your vision – never compromise your values. Identify your passions and live them. Evolve into your person you were always meant to be. Your never going to determine your happy ending if you don’t start your story now.

Side notes:

– Devotion: profound dedication; loyalty. (live it)
– Good ole Bozeman MT. Returning to this place puts my heart at ease. This lifestyle is an absolute representation of how I strive to lead mine. The outdoors and physical activity takes precedence – work and everything else comes second. Healthy living and eating comes natural. Respecting the land and the Earth is a topic of conversation. Poofies everywhere! Dogs are members of society. I could talk on and on. But through all the good, the bad, the warm, the cold, the miserable, the heartbreaking, and the beautiful experiences here – I hold these memories dear to my soul. All the lessons shed here has created a more humble, loving, active, and creative human being. All this growth has resulted into a better version of me!
– Gratitude is expressed toward Bozeman Tattoo Alley for letting me walk in and get my tattoo done on the spot. This symbol, my brand name – Elevation: Rising (hence ER) has diverse meaning to me. Now since my vision is fully visible, it provides me abundant amount of motivation to always be working toward my goals. My passion of inspiring others to live a vibrant, happy, active, healthy life is the real deal. We should always have our Elevation: Rising for life is meant to be elevated, not in the opposite direction. Devote to your reason of existence and I promise you that your days will be filled with purpose and joy. Find your gift and share it – the world is waiting to hear your story.

9/20/2018 – 11:51 am – Zocalo Coffee House – Bozeman MT

Embrace Your Weirdness


I believe that coffee awakens our soul. I know that a hearty breakfast fuels the machine within us. Play should be the only thing on your agenda. Your only excuse should be that you weren’t strong enough. Don’t shy away from your identity – embrace it. May your obsessions be healthy habits. Climb a mountain. Eat clean. Read a book. Get super inspired. Go out there and prove your not afraid of a challenge. Accept fear and overcome it. Love everything you have and if you don’t love it – get rid of it. You deserve to be happy so set yourself free. Free from the influences, people, and things that burden you. Heavily appreciate family and love ones. They are your past, present, and future so just love them unconditionally. Allow for things to reside in their natural state. Have you found your natural state? The sense of being where you are most alive, humble, and kind. A state where nothing is going to stop you from accomplishing your goals and aspirations. Enjoy nature always. Treat the world with appreciation for the life it has provided you. Respect the ground you walk on, and I wish that you blaze your own trail. I believe the happiest of individuals practice simplicity. Minimalism is a true blessing. May the wind blow you around. Your sense of wonder and imagination should never fade away. Support causes and clubs that support you and your lifestyle (hence The AAC). Believe in your summit and the journey that is laid out for you. Consistently keep your elevation rising. Focus on all the dimensions of wellness and believe in progress. You have opportunities everyday to progress positively – why not seize the moment every time? Throw your whole self into everything you do – actions speak louder than words. Enjoyed the experience? – cultivate that joy. Didn’t enjoy the experience? – learn from it. Let change be the only constant thing in your life. You were born with feet, not roots. Being adaptive is a serious skill. Seek out what inspires you and put in the work. Commitment yields benefits. Become aware of your accomplishments and relish in your failures. Become aware of your weaknesses – turn them into strength. Don’t deny the shortcomings but allow every chance for improvement. What words would you use to describe yourself? Think deep and change your definition if it doesn’t align with your values. What would you be remembered by? Accept your mortality and remember to live – everyday. Find passion and breed it. Inhale inspiration, exhale action. Get uncomfortable, travel, experience new cultures. Learn from their morals and reason for existence. Let adventure drive you. And lastly remember that life is weird and go with the flow – you never know what might float your boat.

– Enjoying your first sip of coffee in the morning outside is absolutely magical. My happiness scale is proven by the wrinkles around my eyes. You can’t see when your smile is so big it takes up your whole face hahahaha.
– Embrace your weirdness and love how you look in the morning – you just took care of yourself by letting your body reset for another beautiful day.
– I definitely recognized that I have no business taking selfies after having a technology detox so this was a one and done and felt great. Too much time is spent worrying about what you look like in picture – its more about capturing the moment.
– No filters because let’s be real everyone.
– Set your intentions early and go chase after them. You have all fucking day – time is not the dilemma.
– So my personal intention was to have a rad day. Outcome: playing at the cabin with friends, stimulating conversations, proudly loosing in a super awesome badminton tournament, being re-birthed by diving the jet ski into the water many times, and lastly enjoying this fall stormy weather.
– Love life and live happy – it’s so simple folks. Also climb rocks if your into that sorta thing. That is all – hope y’all enjoyed your day!

8/27/2018 – 9:54 am – Silver Creek – Cadotte Lake