Light It Up


Be courageous. Endure. Mast lasting impressions. Surprise people of your strength but remember to surprise yourself. Choose wisely – shape into your destiny. Don’t become what happened to you. Be aware of your reactions and improve them. Discover your devotions and stay true to them. Search for your hidden talents and nurture them – you never know what you are capable of. Learn to go with the flow – the act of adaptation is crucial. Release the tension in your life – your body doesn’t need that shit. Walk away when necessary – return with vitality. Be confident with your existence. Don’t squander time – life is short – optimize your experience. Live for  the extreme – I promise you won’t regret it. Fully immerse yourself in EVERYTHING you do. If you are incapable then you need to rethink your path. If your not happy at least half of the day then change your fucking life. You create your joy – pick the fitting environment. Surround yourself with motivating people. Be inspired but become the inspiration. Life is not about things and financial gain – it’s about wholeness and discovery. Strive for humbleness. Learn to appreciate everything. Go do rad things. Become the reason why modern society starts to question the system. Break away from deadlines and obligations – stress resides here. Gain body consciousness and start taking care of your self. Healing is necessary, always. Take those lessons and seek knowledge. Intelligence and deep conversations are stimulating. Go climb a fucking mountain – literally and figuratively. Your elevation should always be rising. The decent should be your reflection and motivation for higher ground. Elevate your life and rise to the occasion. You only get one shot – better make it worth it. Strive to be the elite. Hard work and dedication is absolutely rewarding. Don’t let anyone or anything compromise your goals – you are meant for pure brilliance. Take every risk possible – you either reveal your limits or crush them. Believe in passions and live them – mentality is everything. Dreams are intended for people that pursue them. Play with your fears and your horizon will expand. Life is about the experience – not the image. There is a reason why experiment and experience are close in proximity in the dictionary. Respect the journey and get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Get your ass kicked – allow for humility to reside. Get knocked down again? Stand the fuck up – ground yourself but remember evolution has placed us upward. Be a tree and stand tall. Take the energy from the earth and fucking rock it. Don’t apologize for your cursing if its proof of your sincerity. But lastly – choose to love your journey and the people involved. Compassion and positive vibes are truly beautiful – practice it. Light up your world and you will realize that darkness is just the absence of light.

My side of the story:

So my whole existence is wrapped into hanging Christmas Lights at current moment. Hard work, long days, sketchy movement, and cold nights. But hell – when the sun retires for the day and your work reveals itself – fulfillment overcomes you. There is beauty in the effort but the real beauty is that I get to climb all day – up ladders, onto roofs, and in trees. Challenges and problem solving occur all day. Your body and mind are exhausted at the end of the day. But you know what? I would rather take on crazy work seasonally so I can devote seasons of the year for just play. We all grew up for no reason – the innocence of a child is precious. Don’t let society force you to conform to their standards – set your own. Be the light you want to see in the world – don’t let the darkness burn out your bulb. Your spirit is awfully important – always keep in check with it – your soul will thank you.

So to put a scale on this 3-story tall tree – this took about 5 hours to complete – 52 strands of lights – individually wrapped onto branches. 1 hour of prepping and 4 hours of climbing and ladder work. That means climbing out onto each branch and to where I could not reach – a lift was used. Holla.

Find purpose in your life and happiness is the result. Be stoked – always. Life gets weird sometimes but fucking love the process – crazy ideas can become reality if you believe in them. Thanks for the read y’all!

11/11/2018 – 5:43 pm – Denver CO (tree resides in Salt Lake City)

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