Lesson No. 14


[ Let go. ]

I’ve fallen off the pedals a couple times this week. Some graceful, some impactful. Some expected, some unexpected. Some reasonable, some unreasonable.

There has been loss in my hometown and love goes out to family, friends, and the community. I’m riding right there beside you.

I rode hard this week in remembrance and for my own therapy. All these bruises I’ve gained – worth all the tension released. There were times I held on – times I let go of the handlebars.

I chose to [ let go ] of fear and sorrow and I arrived at the present moment.

Isn’t that our (sole|soul) responsibility? To live for this moment right now – cause your never promised another. Squandering time may be one of our worst crimes.

Please go out and live. Live for yourself and for the ones that time was cut short. Know that everything will be okay. Let your emotions go – don’t hold within.

Death is apart of life. Let go of expectations of the in-between stuff. Acceptance of the things we cannot change is important.

Some days are clear conditions, some muddy and rutted to hell. But keep riding. Worrying about the trail ahead will cause anxiety. Concerning yourself with the miles already rode will cause anguish.

Love with all your heart and take care of one another. Your never going to know the last encounter or if there ever will be more than one. Just like your path – you may never get to ride it again. So please enjoy it – now.

Leverich Canyon, Bozeman, MT. 6/9/2019.

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