Lesson No. 1


[ Learn every day. Teach your lessons. ]

Today marks a new chapter in my life. Going out and doing. I just needed a friend’s dog to chew up my journal (and my underwear) to remind me of the path I want to pursue. Shit happens, laugh at the oddity of life and move on. Stay light, travel light, and spread your light.

Driven by spreading ideas and expanding people’s minds – I try to view life through a different lens. I’ve found that photography and writing has meshed together in my plan of sharing the lessons I learn along this adventure we call life.

Always running at 100 miles an hour in the fast lane has helped me gain vast experiences but the time for reflection is now. I’ve been trying to stay consistent with my writing; trying to write a lesson of the day: every day. Some silly, some complex, some strange: I find peace in always reshaping my perspective, always reforming my vision.

We have this opportunity to go out and live the best life – what excuse is holding you back? Our species has this amazing capacity of growth – what is stifling your evolution? Rewrite the scripts that are stopping you from keeping your elevation rising under all the dimensions of wellness.

I hope you become familiar that the light cannot be present without darkness. Yin and yang, movement and stillness, life and death. Always be the student, but strive to be the teacher.

I’ve been aspiring to become a writer so here I go on a new (first) assignment: I hope to share a lesson of the day for a week or two (maybe more?). Willing to practice accountability and consistency. My experiences many, I’m attempting to help everyone view life differently so they can live a healthier, happier life without having to go through trial and error like muah!

Journal, write down your thoughts and happenings. Soon you’ll discover your innate power of intellect and self-care. Learn something new every day. Become an expert in your field of experience. Then share your gift – the world is waiting. Get outside, move, get real uncomfortable.

As for me – going commando is great – you get to feel the wind between your legs to remind you of this wild life we get to live. Seek out experiences, not things. Reflect. Learn and teach. Your elevation can only be rising if you choose to believe in yourself.

5/23/2019 – Sola Cafe and Market – Bozeman, MT

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