Lesson No. 4:


[ Enjoy the ride. ]

Isn’t life just this big ole cruise? We have ups – we have downs. There is times that we get lost and times we travel the path with expertise.

But honey, I hope you stand your ground. Know what inspires you to keep riding and what stops you in your tracks. Don’t follow the well-beaten trail – be aware you are capable of blazing your own.

Pedal wisely and hold on to those handlebars tight – trust the ride. Move with the flow. Wisdom may only be gained through experience. Fully immerse yourself into the unknown.

Allowing doubts to fill your head removes you from the present. Stop it. We are meant to live for right here, right now. Remember: it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

What did you learn? What moments intoxicated you? Relish within those memories and keep on riding. The adventure only starts by stepping on those pedals. Your capability lies within your mindset – you project your reality.

Fucking believe in yourself and practice confidence. Stop apologizing for your existence. We all have gifts – lets share em. The energy you give is the energy you receive. Get out there and surround yourself with rad people.

Enrich yourself with inspiration and live through your motivation. Strive for humility and life just gets a little sweeter. Understand that each turn presents a new opportunity. Your direction is not solidified – turn your wheels around if your not pursuing your dreams.

Sedona, AZ – 3/21/2019

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