Lesson No. 6


[ Learn to be alone. ]

Find comfort in your own company. Don’t rely on others to bring you happiness – you are the source of light. Practice self-love & care, always.

Seek silence and relish those moments. Reflect. Observe the world around you. Explore. Cultivate your sense of wonder. Why did we grow up?

Play should always be on the agenda. Get lost in the woods. Become a kid again. Who were you before the world told you? Confront your past so you can move on with your future.

It’s simple: the more time you spend with yourself, the more you learn about yourself. Dig real deep. Understand your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Achieve purity within yourself.

The deeper you care for yourself, the deeper you can love the world and all it encompasses. Take time to be alone – you will come to find the space where you thrive. Your soul deserves it.

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