Lesson No. 7


[ Observe the sunrise. ]

Wake up with the natural rhythm of the Earth. Get outside and watch the sunrise. Set your intentions for the day – let them be as colorful as the sky.

What do you have to accomplish? What do you want to accomplish? Work your desires first then the obligations will come naturally. You have the power to do absolutely anything with your day – what’s stopping you?

So my attempt to see the sunrise every day has been far from 100% successful. But every time I get my butt out the door to observe the dawn – my attitude towards the day is quite peaceful. Did you know that another definition for observe is: [to celebrate; to see or sense through careful attention.]

To take the time every morning to awaken your senses, to celebrate that your alive – so profound. You have this amazing opportunity to do these amazing things – start pushing your limits. Your never going to regret living your life.

Write down your intentions – set goals for yourself because who else is going to? You will find that boundaries are meant to be found and overcome. Wake up early – go do rad things. Be active upon waking – it sets you up for a healthier day. Cook a bomb breakfast – our movements/attitudes are dependent upon how we fuel ourselves.

Know that every day is a new beginning. Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow – live for the present. Be grateful for the light – learn from it. To understand the dawn is to understand that you too can develop your masterpiece. Become the artist of your life – don’t let anyone or anything stop you from creating your vision.

Palisade Head, MN – 4/17/2019

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